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Laura still didn't know what to call her relationship with Billy. As the time passed she found herself more attached to him, and while they had incredible mind blowing sex, there were days they played video games, went out, did other things and he knew more about her than anyone. He was her best friend, and that right there confused the hell out of her.

When his graduation finally came around, it was bitter sweet. He was leaving, but then, she was going into Academy so either way, it wasn't as if they were going to see each other a ton anyway. His graduation conflicted with something her parents wanted her to attend, and she'd reluctantly told Billy that she couldn't go. Well, it was the excuse she told him. What she didn't tell him was that she'd be there to surprise him.

She'd even gone out and bought a new dress to wear just for him. When the ceremony started, she had no idea if he could actually hear her cheering for him when he walked across the stage, but she whistled and yelled his name, and when it was over she stood outside with everyone else, waiting to see him. Laura had no idea though, that she happened to be standing next to Joseph Adama. She simply waited on Billy, an envelope in her hands.


hard to say bye

Once the dishes were put up and there were no more excuses to keep him at her place, Laura led the way to her car. She was trying to think of something, anything to keep him at her place, but she couldn't think of anything. The drive to his place wasn't a long one, and in a few minutes, she was outside of the Academy, parked back by his dorm in a mostly empty parking lot.

Turning off the car, she looked over at him with a half smile. "Well, here we are. And in a few months...I guess I'll be here too."


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